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Capturing the Magic of Sleepovers!

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Much like an invitation to 'grab a coffee' means so much more than just drinking a tasty hot beverage, a sleepover means so much more than just 'sleeping'. Its a right of passage, a coming of age... do you remember the first time you were allowed a friend over to stay the night or the first time you were dropped off at your best friends house with your overnight bag and that fuzzy feeling of excitement in your belly!

Sleepovers are special! An extended amount of time to relax and bond with your closest friends, playing, imagining, dreaming and laughing... creating memories & friendships that will be treasured forever.

A magical collaboration with talented photographer Louisa Bedford made for the perfect opportunity to set an enchanting scene and capture the shaping of some life-long memories that would be sealed in imagery long into the future.

Here's a peek at some of my favourite moments with Louisa perfectly capturing the fun, imagination and freedom that comes from experiencing a Slumber Teepee party!

To check out more of Louisa's beautiful work visit:

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