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For a hassle free, magical sleepover...
We include absolutely everything you need for the most magical slumber party! 
Teepee/wigwam, foam mattress (160cm or 200cm), sheet, duvet, pillow, blanket per guest
fairy lights, bunting (or similar), rugs, robes & eye m
asks to borrow, themed cushions, lanterns and other themed decoration depending on your theme or colour scheme.

2 Teepees £100
3 Teepees £125
4 Teepees £150
5 Teepees £175
6 Teepees £200
7 Teepees £225
8 Teepees £250
9 Teepees £275
10 Teepees £300

We cater for kids, tweens, teens & even grown ups because everyone should experience the magic of a Slumber Teepee party!
We have a huge range of themes & a variety of teepee styles and sizes so there really is something to suit everyone!
Whether you want to be transported into a really wild jungle scene or a twinkly lit pink and girly extravaganza, we are ready to put together the perfect slumber party for any special celebration... or just because!

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