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The ultimate children's wedding area

- £285.00 - 

Our children's wedding area's are the perfect space for your little guests to play, chill and snack; a gorgeous area full of comfy teepees and enough toys to keep them happy all evening, all set up in a quiet space at your venue. 


We deliver and set up the perfect twinkle lit teepee area in a designated space at your venue.

We set up at a time to suit your schedule (subject to availability) on the day of your wedding and collect the following morning

Wedding 'teepee corner'

Perfect for the little ones to have a magical party 'base camp' to play away from all the boring adults!

We deliver, set up & style your wedding corner and then collect from the venue the following day

Package includes...

The Decor

Giant fairy lit lounge teepee with squishy mattresses, snuggly blankets & luxurious cushions 

1 x Low level table (seats 6-8 children) with Rugs, cushion seating

Apple crates with lantern & other decoration

Decor theme will be matched with your choice of colour palette or select a theme from our 'themes' page

The Toys...

Selection of super cool toys to entertain them! 

-car play mat & cars

- Jenga

- Tin Can Alley

- Dolls / superhero figures

-Lego / Duplo

- colouring/drawing equipment

Additional low level table +£45.00

If you have a few extra kids and a good size space we have put together what we like to call 'the wedding corner extension' incase you need to add an extra low level table with rugs, cushion seating/table decoration

Additional Individual Teepee + £30.00

We include a lovely large lounging teepee with our package, however, if you think you may have more little ones that might want to be part of the kids area, feel free to add on additional individual fairy lit teepees to your set up.


Bespoke activities

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional ideas to entertain the kids, share your vision with us and we can provide a quote to set it all up on the day, leaving it all for you to keep afterwards. 

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