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'Home Cinema Hire' 
The Ultimate Movie Night Experience  £95

The lights are low, the screen is lit up... the air is filled with the smell of freshly popped popcorn and you can hear the rustling of sweetie wrappers, 'shhh!' you hear mum whisper, 'the film is about to start!'


We have put together the ultimate movie night 'kit' with everything you need for that big screen cinema experience in the comfort of your own home! And the best thing... you can even pause it if you need a wee!

Please note that we are only able to guarantee seamless set up with DVD Player or Laptop, either option MUST have a HDMI input (for convenience we can provide a dvd player). The projector screen is best viewed in a dark room... in the summer months it's highly adviseable to set up in a room with curtains) We do not provide movies and advise you to have the movie you would like on dvd or downloaded on your laptop. 

Movie night Set up - £95

Over night Hire

Full HD Projector

Adjustable stand for projector

86" adjustable screen & stand

Popcorn Machine with 'ready to pop' popcorn kernals & paper bags to serve

Cinema style paper cups/lids & paper straws (add your own choice of drink)

Treat stand with Pic n Mix bag sweets selection and choccie's for the grown ups

Light box with personalised message

'just for fun' entry tickets & clapper board

DVD Player will be supplied in case you do not have one with a HDMI input

Set up at your home by a Slumber team member

Please note we do not supply movies so you will need to have your selected movies available on DVD or already loaded on to your laptop

Cinema Seating and accessories +£45.00


Includes tiered style seating, luxurious rugs, comfy lounge cushions, lanterns, fairy lights & side table!










The projector is compatible with a variety of devices, we are happy to supply a selection of leads etc if you wish to set up with something other than a DVD player or Laptop however we would advise these 2 options as the most straight forwards, hassle free options! 

Why not turn your movie marathon into something even more special by adding something from our Extras page? 

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